On 24th August, the Selection Jury chose 21 pieces of student work to include in the forthcoming Project Context publication and exhibition. The following is an extract from the guidance document given to the selection panel on 10th August 2011.

Check out the final selection forum, and don’t forget Selection Jury


  • The selection of student work is for inclusion in a book and exhibition.
  • Work is to be chosen through discussion by a selection panel. [this is our chosen method for several reasons:]
  1. Project Context is interested in critically reflecting on the selection processes of existing student awards bodies, and we feel using a selection panel will enable us to exercise this.
  2. We feel the range of critical, external-to-context discourse brought by the selection panel will enrich the selection of the work and the discussion surrounding this

the selection panel 24th august 2011

The Selection Jury

Alan Dunlop  architect and Professor at Scott Sutherland School of Architecture at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen

Daniel Slavinsky  director of the What Now? collaborative

Ian Pollard  curator of Project Context

John-Paul Nunes  RIBA head of education projects

Max Dewdney  architect and director at mobile studio, and tutor at Bartlett UCL

Max Gane  director of Project Context

Seán McAlister  director of Project Context

Selection Process

The selection panel will meet on 24 August 2011 at the reception of RIBA’s 77 Portland Place, W1B 1QX, to discuss and make the selection of work.

Follow the conversation live on Twitter [LINK]

Prior to this, the panel has been asked to make a pre-selection of 7 drawings that they feel best relate to the selection guidance below. This pre-selection will be based on the digital images and accompanying text provided on the Project Context ‘drawings’ page of the website : http://www.project-context.com/p/drawings_20.html.

Selection guidance

the panel have been asked to consider the following aspects of the students’ submissions when forming their pre-selection of 7 drawings.


  • Is the drawing influenced by historical, contemporary, cross-disciplinary research, precedent or otherwise?


Drawings… have four distinct roles… “an imaginative, a social, a technological, and a persuasive role, all of which may be said to have some ideological effects” – quoted from ‘means of [re]-production’ essay by Jon Goodbun & Karin Jaschke

  • What is the drawing intended to be? [e.g. a 5minute sketch, a photocollage, a shallow-relief drawing…]
  • Is the drawing intended as inquiry, representation, emotive, suggestive or other?
  • How successful do you find the student in achieving their intent, as you gauge it?


  • How has the drawing been made?
  • Does the drawing demonstrate an element of craft in its use of materials or media?
  • How successful is the choice of media in satisfying the intent?

to see the full selection guidance click here!

The Selection Jury’s shortlist

[each panellist had 7 nominations]

john-paul nunes
Michael Boyes
Jonathan Gales
Jonathan Millard
Rowan Alexander Sloss
David Stott
Kibwe Tavares
Robert Ware

alan dunlop
Tom Fotheringham
Sharm Murugiah
Thomas Randall Page
Catherine Amos
Phillip Etchells
Michael Dean
Tatiana M Vela Jara

ian pollard
Thomas Randall-Page
Catrina Stewart
Jonathan Gales
Stephen Baumann
Vanessa Lee
Alexander Crean
Su Wang

seán mcalister
catherine amos
jayne thompson
thomas hudson
robert ware
Sara Hedd Ifan
Kibwe Tavares
su wang

dan slavinsky
Andrew Morris
Catrina Stewart
Jonathan Millard
Haidar Alsitrawi
Rowan Morrice
Steven Baumann
Tom Fotheringham

max gane
Rowan Morrice
Thomas Hudson
Rowan Sloss
Sara Hedd Ifan
Angharad Palmer
Jonathan Gales
Sarah Wai

max dewdney
Kibwe Tavares
Catrina Stewart
Daniel O’Donnell
Craig Allen
Jonathan Millard
Bong Yeung
Nada Tayeb
Philip Etchell