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note: The debate was held on Thursday 13th October. In the video the debate begins 20 minutes in. The audio requires some patience!
#05 Project Context Poster

This house believes schools of architecture should be dissolved

Thursday 13th October, 6pm in The Well, Sheffield Arts Tower, Floor 16

Recorded video stream of the Event

Proposition Panel : Sam Brown, Alastair Parvin & Tatjana Schneider

Opposition Panel : Marianne Howard, Tom Hudson & Colin Harwood

Project Context & S.U.A.S. presented an Oxford-style debate on architectural education today. It was designed to fundamentally interrogate the current formal architecture education system. The two panels took the stances of proposing and opposing the motion ‘should schools of architecture be dissolved?’ by arguing under three main sub-topics:

1* What is the value of the architect today?

2* What is a school of architecture?

3* What alternative is there to our current school system?


Except from the MakeShift. website

 This poster was produced by Sam Brown, Tatjana Schneider and Alastair Parvin for the debate organised by Project Context at the University of Sheffield School of Architecture, in response to the motion ‘Architecture Schools should be dissolved”…




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