portrait of max ganea portrait of seán mcalisterian pollarda portrait of ada jusiccameron mcewangregor taitchris pendrichgraeme couparsharm murugiah

portrait of max gane

Max Gane  project co-ordinator

b. Bristol 1985, Max has developed his passion for design and creativity

through five years of architectural training, graduating from Brighton university in 2007, and from London Metropolitan University in 2010. Max has recently completed the Breuer in Bristol exhibition project at the Architecture Centre in Bristol, which uncovers the introduction of modern architecture to Bristol and England in the 1930′s through the work of Marcel Breuer. The project was awarded the RIBA Education Trust Award for 2008, and the Royal West of England Academy student bursary for 2007. Max’s research was published in several regional and national journals, and delivered through a public presentation at Bristol’s Arnolfini in November 2010.

a portrait of seán mcalister

Seán McAlister  project co-ordinator

b. Lisburn 1985, Sean works in London. He has a passion for zines, blogs and all objects which aim to incite discourse; open platforms of incremental, constructive research. In a recent research project Meta Architecture, Sean worked closely with fellow conspirator Stephen Mackie to produce a film, an exhibition and associated evening talk with guest speaker Lorens Holm. Here’s what Blueprint had to say on the project. The project was documented by keen-eyed photographer Rick Roxburgh

Sean studied architecture for five years with the Dundee School of Architecture. He was recently hosted as guest speaker to the ‘Belfast Exposed’ gallery. He was nominated for the Building Design magazine ‘class of 2010,’ awarded a commendation for the Royal Incorporation of Scottish Architects [RIAS] student drawing award and nominated for the RIAS ‘Scotland’s Best Student’ award. While at the Dundee School of Architecture, Sean’s projects were recognised both for his BArch [Hons] and MArch degree years, with the highest marks in his year, winning several prizes of note. Sean’s work has been exhibited with Dundee University and in Glasgow’s ‘Lighthouse’; Scotland’s centre for architecture and design. Sean blogs

Ian Pollard

Ian Pollard  curator

b. Dublin 1985, Ian is interested in writing and drawing as forms of inquiry within architecture, and in the processes of their translation to building.Ian studied architecture at the Dundee School of Architecture, graduating with distinction in an MArch pursued in the Material Unit. His design project Memory Theatre, and Dialogues thesis examined architecture’s interactions with history, language and literature, and were each nominated for the 2010 RIBA President’s Medals. Ian ‘s work has been exhibited in London at the RIBA and in the Milk and Sugar Gallery, Liverpool.He collects some words on the above in a blog, and is an editor of matzine, a collaborative zine which dwells in the peripheries of architectural discourse whilst traversing subjects from art and archeology to anthropology and literature.

Cameron McEwan

Cameron McEwan  curator

b. Dumfries 1985 Cameron McEwan is a PhD Researcher and Architectural Design Tutor at Dundee School of Architecture. He graduated with a Master of Architecture with Distinction in 2009 and has received awards for design (2005, 2006 & 2009) and drawing (2007). He has exhibited work at the Lighthouse, Glasgow for the RIAS Urban Design Award (2009) and Six Student Awards (2006); on the RIBA Silver Medal and Building Design websites (2009); at the Royal Scottish Academy New Contemporaries 2010 Exhibition, Edinburgh; and at the RGI Kelly Gallery, Glasgow (2011). Cameron has assisted in education, housing and masterplanning proposals for a Glasgow architectural practice, volunteered abroad and collaborated with the Geddes Institute for Urban Research. He has presented and published his research at conferences in Scotland, England and Germany; edits Inquiry, a postgraduate-led publication of research and design; and writes a blog.

His design-based PhD, titled The Architecture of Analogy connects psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud’s method of “associative thinking” and architect Aldo Rossi’s theory of the Analogical City in order to develop a critical and creative reflective framework based on “analogical thinking” and contribute to critical discourse on cities, architecture and planning. His research interests include city theory, psychoanalysis as method of interpretation and the visual technique of montage.

Gregor Tait

Gregor Tait  curator

b. Edinburgh 1986,  Gregor studied at Dundee School of Architecture where he was part of the Rationalist Traces unit whose 2010 exhibition “Dalek to Dibbets, Nollie to New Town” was highly praised by architects from practice and academia. He graduated in 2011 having been awarded a Masters Degree with Merit as well as the school’s prizes for written work at both part 1 and part 2 level.

Gregor is interested in the potential of architecture as medium representing collective nature of society, in a subtle and enduring manner. He has a particular fondness for the work of Aldo Rossi and his heroic attempts to categorise and to understand architecture’s subjective and murky depths. He explores this subject through design and through his written work in blog form, in articles for the RIBA and through his Masters thesis “Dig Lazarus Dig”.

a portrait of ada jusicAda Jusic  project illustrator

b. Sarajevo 1987 Ada graduated in 2010 from the university of westminster as an illustrator. Specialising in storyboarding and commercial illustration, she works freelance. Previous projects have involved Theory films and independent directors such as Andrew Rainnie as well as corporate clients.

Ada is interested in illustration which is socially or politically relevant and likes using a range of approaches to explore this. She is also interested in books, current affairs, youth culture, the east end, comics, taxidermy and the Balkans. She shares her flat with a rabbit and is available for commissions. Her website can be found here and her blog here

graeme coupar

Graeme Coupar  project programmer

b. Unknown

sharm murugiah

Sharmelan Murugiah  project ‘where’s-my-brompton?’ legend

b. Burton-on-Trent 1988, Sharm lives and works in London. He has a passion for academia and research within architecture. He is able to channel his interests as an annual guest critic at Kingston School of Architecture and as a mentor at the Stephen Lawrence Charitable trust mentoring aspiring college students intending to study architecture.

Sharm completed his undergraduate studies in architecture at Kingston University in 2009. While at Kingston he won the Faculty Peer Mentor award for his efforts creating cross communication between the different year groups at kingston. Sharm is also a regular visitor to his former school, Rougemont, South Wales, to advise students on careers in the arts. Sharm is currently studying to complete his postgraduate diploma in architecture at London Metropolitan University. Scheduled to finnish in June 2012

chris pendrich

Christopher Pendrich  project clever-clogs style-guru

b. Northallerton 1986, Christopher studies architecture, takes photographs and builds objects etc. He trained at Dundee School of Architecture and continues his postgraduate studies at London Metropolitan University. Finding influence and interest from a wide pool of sources in many fields across art, design and the everyday. Christopher likes building, both for the basis of self sufficiency and acquiring knowledge of carpentry and the meeting of materials.

Working and studying in London, Christopher is concerned with the topic of reuse, seeing refurbishment as an opportunity to appreciate the physical fabric of buildings as well as capitalising on existing spatial character. His research is intrigued by the appropriation of historical precedent and typology in contemporary practice.

Christopher hosts his work online here, blogs about interests and images in the charged void and contributes to matzine, an open, independent and ongoing publication.