The first unofficial context #tweetup took place over the weekend of the 30th July. Seán and myself met with fellow curators Ian pollard and Cameron McEwan, as well as contributing students Tom, Michael, and Dan at Peter Zumthor’s pavilion at the serpentine gallery in Hyde Park.

Our discussion was given a kick start by our choice of venue. Opinions between us varied greatly as to the success of the pavilion, and comparisons were drawn to James Turrell’s ‘skyspaces‘. I found the pavilion a delightful object, which was simultaneously simple, subtle and striking, its oppressive shade and rectilinearity  when viewed from without, providing a striking contrast to the dynamic internal geometry, and planted garden within. Criticisms and praises abounded in equal measure concerning the use of materials, the honesty in the way the object was put together, and the rough and ready finish that was present throughout the project.

The discussion soon moved on to the task at hand, the project that had brought us together in the first place. It was great to start putting faces with names, and move beyond the anonymity of emails with which we had largely communicated thus far. The ensuing conversation was definitely more than the sum of its parts; refreshing to see a whole new spectrum of thoughts relating to the project in this way.

As the sun faded over Zumthor’s hidden garden, we moved the conversation to a nearby pub, an altogether more familiar setting for a bunch of young architects, before heading our separate ways. A great day out of the office, and an excellent method of moving the project forward. Heres hoping for more days like these.

written by max gane